Why Diversity?

The contest promotes gender diversity within teams, which boosts the creativity, flexibility and efficiency of team members, adds to their experience and makes them better prepared to respond to customers’ needs.

At Mototola Solutions, it is our lived experience that mixed gender teams work more efficiently because the work atmosphere is better than in male- or female-only teams. Through the Diversity contest, we aim to encourage high school students, especially girls, to pursue studies related to Information Technology. We want to change the stereotypical image of a person working in IT: a guy who spends long hours at his keyboard, doing some boring tasks. In fact, IT has nothing to do with gender, and a lot to do with fascinating work, travels abroad and splendid career opportunities. Motorola Solutions wants to show girls how interesting work in IT can be.

How Did It All Start?

In 2000, Motorola Solutions decided to employ more female software engineers in all its development centers around the world.

In Poland, female software engineers are a minority, one of the reasons being that it is traditionally seen as a “male profession”. In 2000, only 2% of IT students graduating from Cracow universities were female. Many girls, following the tradition and scared off by stereotypes, did not choose IT studies.

That is why Motorola Solutions began to cooperate with high schools to change the stereotypes, and show students, teachers, parents and the general public that IT jobs can be attractive to both boys and girls. The contest is aimed to encourage girls to consider studying IT after graduating from high school.