F+I edition
of Diversity

14–15  June 2018 | Kraków

Why F+I? We’re using the hexadecimal system to proudly announce the 17th edition of the Diversity contest. To celebrate it, we also added a new task called Ftl (Follow the Line).


… the project, carried out every year since 2000 by the Motorola Solutions Development Center in Kraków, is aimed at encouraging high school students (especially girls) to start a career in IT by showing them what opportunites the job of a software engineer offers.


Robot Battles

Design and programme your Mini Sumo robot for one-on-one battles and group fights against other robots.

Line follower

Prepare your robot for a race by programming it to follow the line, omit all obstacles, and win!


Use your knowledge of programming rules, C++ and Java to write an algorithm that will meet the Colobot challenge.